A strictly-scarce, decentralized, and fairly distributed Ethereum based asset

An asset that stores value created by dreamers and builders. With limited supply and with technical properties that allow for even fairer distribution and transparent costs.


You can’t just find it anywhere. It’s rare. Think limited edition, 21x rarer than Bitcoin. There will only be 1,000,000 Veth ever.


No one can control it and there’s no blacklist. Every day a portion gets released to whoever burns Ether for it. This mechanism is called Proof-of-Value.


Native to Ethereum, the more Vether’s worth, the scarcer Ethereum becomes. They’re naturally symbiotic. If Ethereum is the invisible backbone of a decentralized world, then Vether is the container of Ethereum’s creative value. The more sustained value that’s created on it, the more it’s worth.

Fairly distributed

An impartially divided share is distributed daily. No pre-mine. No pre-sale. Full transparency. Every Veth in the world was paid for by Ethereum. And you can see how much. Either burn Ether for Vether or buy it on the open market.


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